Forget Your Troubles Come on Get Hoppy

Hi! I want to take a moment to thank those of you who have been reading, responding, and supporting this weird little world I created. Being a writer is funny because it's actually quite fun when I’m in the zone and feeling it. But there are also times it feels like an agonizing chore, especially when I’m very much not in the zone. However, when I’m here, the words come easy.

With that being said! My last few posts have certainly skewed to the darker side, as they should have considering the subjects, but dark nonetheless. I have Grammarly installed on my browser and when I write a long passage, it displays an emoji that corresponds with the “tone” of what I’m writing. My last few emojis have been representative of a somber or assertive tone, and again, can you blame me? I mean the world is a dark fucking place, and it’s hard not to feel alone and a bit pessimistic. But, I feel that I’m long overdue for an optimistic or joyful emoji, so welcome, to the playful post.

I’m getting my second vaccine today. Woohoo! Can’t wait to go to a bar and pick up a nearly full drink that isn’t mine and be like “Whose beer is this?” as I’m taking a sip. Just kidding, I won’t be doing that, because it’s disgusting…and because it is something I’ve already done. Hahahaha…did I have a problem?

Also, New York City is set to lift several COVID restrictions when it comes to going out in the city, namely, it will no longer require people to order food when ordering alcoholic beverages. For those of you non-New Yorkers, at the height of COVID, our governor required any person buying a drink to also buy food, with the hopes that it would lessen unnecessary mingling and interacting between people. Does that make sense? I can’t say. But I can say it made it impossible to go anywhere for a drink without having to order something off a food menu that definitely didn’t exist before COVID and certainly should never exist again. It’s like if I wanted to eat microwaved “food” with this five-dollar beer and shot, I would have stayed home! Besides, I’m not a 22-year-old, I don’t need anybody condescendingly telling me “maybe you should order some food.” So yay, can’t wait to irresponsibly get drunk without any rules. YAYYYYY HAHAHAHAHA….wait do I have a problem?

Since I will be vaccinated, I will be going home for the first time in over a year to see my family for mother’s day weekend. My family is funny. We have more mother’s day traditions and celebrations than we do for other commercial holidays, but considering the point of the holiday, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I’m going home on the Amtrak, which first of all, can we talk about how insane it is that we’ve let Amtrak have a monopoly on the rail system. How did that happen? It’s not like that in other countries, where there are multiple companies, kind of like airlines. But here it’s like if you want to go anywhere on a rail system that is honestly only somewhat faster than driving, then it has to be Amtrak. And because there’s no competition, there’s no need for Amtrak to really work for us, in fact, I feel like we work for them. Anywho, I’m taking the Acela (Amtrak’s “faster” train) home and had a coupon to upgrade to First Class, which is awesome because they feed you a meal and you get free alcohol. So I can sit on the train, watching the countryside pass with an old fashioned in hand. YAY, everything is awesome. Free liquor. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA……

I definitely have a problem. But it’s alright. If there’s one thing I’m trying to take away from this goddam year from hell, it’s that I don’t need to be so hard on others or myself.

Cheers everyone.

No Twilight Zone still today because even the alternate universe takes a break.