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If you've made it here, first let me begin by saying, welcome to us. At some point, you've connected to my writing, my thoughts, and/or my oddities, which is pretty cool if you ask me. But the coolest part is that my writing is not singular and is not meant to be read or interpreted in one way (except when it is, and it should be very clear in that case). So think of this as the beginning as a unique and personal relationship between my mind and yours.

Right now, you may find yourself thinking, “there are so many substacks out there, why should I clutter my inbox with one more.” And if you are thinking that way then maybe this relationship is not going to work out. The goal of this newsletter is to not just regurgitate random thoughts to your inbox but to create more of a dialogue, with its own ebb and flow. What does this dialogue look like? I’m not sure yet, but the mystery thrills me, and hopefully you too. Maybe there’s a back-and-forth in the comment section. Maybe you’re inspired to respond in a post of your own. Maybe you inspire me to respond directly to you in a post sent to the public. What I’m trying to say is I want this substack to feel as dynamic and capricious as life itself. So what do you say, join me won’t you?

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